Jet LagI am writing this latest post in full knowledge that I already owe you an update documenting what I saw and learned during my recent whistlestop tour of the USA. Have no fear, I will be writing this up and posting it within the next week. I had an amazing time meeting even more amazing people but I also learned that trying to make so many meetings and recording films in the USA in 10 days was much more challenging than I had at first thought!


I had hoped to write up my USA post on the 10 hour flight from New York to São Paulo but the reality was that after nearly 2 days without sleep I passed out on the plane after the obligatory offering of inedible chicken or pasta. I arrived in São Paulo refreshed but then probably over-indulged in the local hospitality resulting in a lost day in my hotel room. Well, it would have been rude not to really!


Those of you who have been following me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram will have a feel of what I got up to in the USA but you can also find some short audio interviews with the likes of Sir Ken Robinson and Noam Chomsky via my AudioBoo page.


So the Learning {RE}imagined team are now here in Brazil where we will be meeting the folks at Porvir in São Paulo and then  NAVE (Núcleo Avançado em Educação – Advanced Education Center) in Rio de Janiero.

PorvirPorvir means “future well-being for all people”. Porvir the organisation is a São Paulo based communication and social mobilization initiative that promotes the production, disseminationand exchange of content on innovations in education to inspire improvements in the quality of education in Brazil. It won’t have escaped your attention that Brazil has been developing very rapidily in passed years with it’s economy beng one of the fastest growing in the world currently at number 6 and heading towards 5. Those in the know attribute this growth to measures that have liberalised and open the economy, boosting it’s competitiveness and providing a better environment for private-sector development. Well, that’s what the money people say at least. The point however is that in this growth there are a lot of very wealthly people and many more poor people here and this division remains noticeable as one travels into a city with its favela districts outside. Economic growth implies a need for skilled and talented people so one must expect that a transformed education system is one of the positive levers in this regard and we look forward to learning more at Porvir.

Oi FuturoNAVE is a programme conveived and enacted by Oi Futuro focused on the research and development of educational solutions using digital platforms in schools that will prepare students for professions in the digital sector. Developed in partnership with the State Departments of Education of Rio de Janiero and Pernambuco, the program is structured on 3 pillars : the provsion of vocational education integrated into the schools regular state objectives, development of activities and research innovation, the dessimination of methodologies and practices developed by the program. The Nave River school was chosen by Microsoft as one of the top 30 most innovative schools in the world in 2009. So we’re going to have a look to discover how they are innovating in learning.

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