Canada – Learning 2030

Equinox SummitI’m delighted to be in Waterloo, Ontario having been invited to be a participant in the Equinox Summit – Learning 2030 presented by the Waterloo Global Science Initiative.


The event brings together a multinational, multidisciplinary and multigenerational group of experts to explore best practices and most promising initiatives and innovations in education that are focused on amplifying students in their creativity and potential.


So in essence I will be spending the week with a fabulous and fascinating cohort of thinkers, doers and activists “re-imagining learning”.


Themed around the year 2030 because a child born in 2013 is expected to graduate from high school in 2030. But what kind of skills will they need? What will our society look like? What will be the basis of our economies?


Various reports from international agencies cite all kinds of shortfalls in our global education systems that indicate that we are ill-prepared for the future. But the future isn’t a place, it hasn’t happened yet and we can’t be entirely certain that it will look like the vision held by today’s technological or economic determinists.


The future is genuinely what we as species and as a global society make it. Will we continue to walk blindly into a digital future where an ever smaller minority of individuals and corporations control the wealth and ultimately human consciousness?


Will we simply accept the rapid decline of the physical economy for the digital that has been sold to us as the holy grail of employment and national well-being?


I’m seriously looking forward to some stimulating, robust and good hearted debates around these subjects where any and all sacred cows are for the slaughter.

Learning 2030

I’ve also been invited to participate in a live television debate that is part of a nightly series on Canada’s TVO station and their leading current affairs show “The Agenda with Steve Paikin“. I’ll be on Monday evening with a discussion about “Disengaged and Excluded” students. I’m told it will also be available online for those outside of TVO’s broadcast reach.


My own personal sense is that our species is at a crossroads. The generations of today and tomorrow face significant challenges and a societal shift that is no less seismic as the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Everything has the potential for change provided we empower our children to do so.

Beyond 2030 

You can follow the discussions at the summit on Twitter and other social platforms via #Learning2030 tag.


Live stream and media assets via TVO