Ok, so this isn’t an official project destination however I am excited to be traveling to Cuba with my family for what is intended to be a vacation but never-the-less is an extremely interesting place in regard to the Learning {RE}imagined mission to search the world seeking innovation in learning.


Cuba, after all, has been a highly ranked educational system for a long time where it spends 10% of its central budget. By comparison the UK spends just 4% and the US 2% (source UNESCO).


Children CubaSome interesting points to note are that regardless of income or location in Cuba education is free at every level, school meals and uniforms are free, the maximum class size for primary education is 25 children, in secondary the class size reduces to 15, school days often extend to 12 hours to provide morning or evening child care, half of Cuba’s 150,000 teachers have 5 years experience of higher education of which half is at Masters degree level.


According to the World Bank, Cuba’s literacy rate is now 99.83% which by any standard is phenomenal.


Whilst I’m on “official” leave this blog maybe quieter than usual but you can still follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and if I’m fortunate enough to meet any Cuban educators whilst I am away then you’ll hear about it on this blog – my kids and the pool notwithstanding of course!