Keri Facer – What do parents want?

Over the next few weeks whilst I finalise the digital resources and complete the coding for the app that supports the Learning {Re}imagined book (officially launching in October!) I’m going to tease and tantalise you with snippets and excerpts from the material that I and my photographic colleagues, Newsha Tavakalion and Raphael Yaghobzadeh, recorded on our recent global tour.


These last months I’ve been having a wonderful time re-tracing my steps going through more than 50 hours of video and audio recordings and thousands of photographs. This material has been percolated into the book that stands at nearly 350 pages of visual loveliness that comes with a free downloadable app (iOS and Android) providing exclusive access to more than 4 hours of video and audio recordings in the form of a digital cloud that sits above the printed page.


So while you’re waiting for the book (come back to this site in a week or two to find out how you can pre-order an exclusive hard back collectors edition) here’s an excerpt from my interview with Professor Keri Facer, Educational and Social Futures, University of Bristol and hear what she has to say about what she thinks parents really want from schools when they talk about qualifications.



gbm-faceGraham Brown-Martin is the founder of Learning Without Frontiers (LWF), a global think tank that brought together renowned educators, technologists and creatives to share provocative and challenging ideas about the future of learning. He left LWF in 2013 to pursue new programmes and ideas to transform the way we learn, teach and live. His book, Learning {Re}imagined was recently published by Bloomsbury/WISE and is available now.