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Those who have been following the last 18 months of my Learning {Re}imagined journey will know that during our travels we were filming and recording documentary material that will augment the physical printed book, available from Oct 1st 2014.


Over the past months I have been busy working my way through more than 50 hours of recorded material to create short interviews and documentary material that is exclusively available to owners of the printed book via a free app. So in addition to the unique stories and interviews that you’ll find in the book itself it has been designed so that you can augment your journey through the pages using your smartphone or tablet device. Exclusive video interviews with Sir Ken Robinson, Noam Chomsky, Seth Godin and more plus documentary material on case studies from every country we visited can be discovered amongst the printed pages and brought to life via your mobile device by simply pointing it at the pictures.


Driving a digital experience from a physical analog book may seem perverse when some might have thought the days of the printed page were numbered, yet I believe the imminent death of the physical economy at the hands of the digital has been greatly exaggerated. The physical world is going through an analog reboot whether this is via, for example, 3D printing, or in this case book publishing reimagining itself so that information isn’t frozen in time. Neither did this take an army of video editors or software developers to construct. In addition to writing the book, I also edited all of the videos using Final Cut Pro on standard iMac computer and then scripted the digital augmentation using Aurasma.


The result is a living book that can be added to at any point in time and that, if you follow me on social media, will remind you long after you bought it that something new is available for you to discover.


It doesn’t stop there. After you’ve downloaded the Aurasma app you can create and share your own journeys through the book, adding your own materials and insights for the community of readers to explore. If you create an Aurasma journey then please share and tell the world by using the #LearningREimagined hashtag on Twitter.


I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did creating it. I’m now excited to see what you make!


To get started I recommend that you navigate to this page using your mobile device and download the free Aurasma app from either Apple’s App Store (iOS devices) or from Google Play (Android). Then all you need to do is use the apps search function to find and follow “Learning Reimagined“. Once you’ve done this you’re all set. Active images in the book at the time of publishing are marked with a red circle but more of the images will become active over time and don’t forget to look out for “Easter Eggs;)