Statecraft XThe Learning {RE}imagined team are now in Singapore.


There’s much to admire about the Singapore education system ranked as one of the best in world according to those in the know at organisations such as OECD. Indeed, from my own experience, the UK’s Secretary of State for Education is often reciting the countries merits.


In Singapore 15 year olds are 10 months ahead of their UK counterparts and 20 months ahead in maths. Other nations in the Pacific Rim such as South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan match Singapore’s educational achievements so what can we learn?


Well, of course, that’s what we’re here to find out and whilst on this leg of our journey we are looking forward to meeting Professor Chee Yam San of the Learning Sciences Lab at the National Institute of Education (NIE) to learn about the innovative work being conducted in schools using video games as part of Singapore’s Game-Based Learning Initiative.


Later in the week we will be meeting with Professor David Hung, Associate Dean, Education Research also at NIE to learn about how Singapore prepares its teachers and keeps them abreast of latest developments and techniques.


We look forward to reporting back to you later in the week – stay tuned and follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!