United Kingdom

The Learning {RE}imagined team has arrived in the United Kingdom. For me this is home ground and we’ve carefully selected a number of thought leader interviews and a case study to give a flavour of the innovations and new thinking in learning from this green and pleasant land.


Alice TaylorFirst off we are in Shoreditch, the digital heart of London otherwise known as Tech City, where we’re meeting Alice Taylor the founder of Makie Lab to discuss 3D printing and the digital maker movement. Makie Lab produces what it calls “Toys of the Future, Made in London” where you can design a perfectly customised action figure online and then send it for 3D printing at Makie Lab’s HQ in Shoreditch. Once created the toy is dispatched to you. Alice has a long history in gaming and education starting this new venture after being a commissioning editor for education programming at Channel 4 one of the UK’s popular television stations where she lead their online digital ventures.


Also in Shoreditch we’ll be meeting Alan O’Donohue, a teacher with staggering energy who gave up teaching Powerpoint to teach computing. He has since been on a mission to persuade other teachers to do the same and is the creator of Raspberry Jam,  a rapidly growing global network of user groups that meet every month to support hobbyists, developers, teachers, students, children and families – in fact, anybody that would like to put their Raspberry Pi to good use.


We head to Bristol in the south west to meet with Keri Facer, Professor of Educational & Social Futures to learn about “anticipatory sciences”, the future of universities and the role of technology.


Then we’re up to Cambridge to visit the creators of Raspberry Pi themselves to meet with their Director of Educational Development, Clive Beale, to learn more about their plans to place their ingenious $35 computer at the heart of digital creativity for children developing their computational thinking.


Raspberry PiNext up we’ll be in Bolton, to visit Essa Academy who have transformed their school, learning and teaching by implementing a successful 1:1 iPad scheme across every teacher and student.


Finally, we head to Newcastle to meet with Professor Sugata Mitra, recent TED prize winner for his “school in the cloud” project and also famed for his research into the “Hole in the Wall” computing kiosks in India.


As an extra surprise we hope to interview an “Anonymous” guest before we leave on the next leg of the tour 😉


Check back here in a few days for our update!