WISE 2013 – Qatar

The Learning {RE}imagined team is in Qatar attending and filming interviews at the World Innovation Summit for Education in Doha. It’s the annual summit hosted by the Qatar Foundation that brings together many of the worlds educators to meet, discuss and network around the themes of education, innovation and transformation.


Of all the summits I attend I feel that this one has a genuinely global perspective that isn’t specifically based around policy makers with disposable budget. WISE brings together an engaged and diverse community of policy makers, educators, innovators and thought leaders from over 100 countries all passionate about making a better world through learning. Whilst the summit sessions themselves provide plenty of opportunity for the sharing of ideas it’s the chance meetings and social as well as professional networking opportunities that make it so valuable for me.

If you’re attending WISE then you can discover more about the Learning {RE}imagined book and digital media project by visiting our space on the first floor to the right as you enter the building where you’ll see a sign that says “WISE Books“.


You can contribute to the project by visiting our special video recording booth where you can record your response to the question “how would you reimagine learning”. We’ll be making a special compilation of these video clips so you can be immortalized as a contributor to the project. It will only take a minute of your time so please take part!


I will be hosting a forum session with panelists who have participated in the creation of the book as well as members of the WISE Learners Voice. The session is being hosted on Thursday October 31st at 13:30 in The Forum on the first floor near the entrance. More information here.


If you’re not attending WISE then you can follow the live video streams here


If you’re new to the Learning {RE}imagined project then welcome to this blog and start here to begin the journey.


We look forward to seeing you during the next few days and please say hello if you’d like to know more!